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NK/T-cell Lymphoma : Immunophenotype

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A typical case of NK/T-cell lymphoma has the following immunophenotypic profile: POSITIVE for CD2, cytoplasmic CD3 (detected in paraffin sections), CD56, other NK cell markers CD16 and CD57 are negative), cytotoxic molecules (perforin, granzyme B, TIA-1), CD43, CD45RO, Fas (CD95) and Fas-ligand (CD178), CD25 (15% cases), CD30 (50% cases; weak and focal). NEGATIVE for surface CD3 (as detected by flow cytometry), CD16, CD57, T-cell associated markers (CD4, CD5, and CD8), CD20 (rare cases may be positive).

This image shows strong immunoreactivity for one of the cytotoxic molecules TIA-1 in a case of NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type. Image courtesy of: Genevieve Crane, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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