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Mucinous Borderline Tumor : Prognosis

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More than 80% of mucinous borderline tumors (MBTs) are confined to one or both ovaries (Stage I). The prognosis is excellent and the 5-yr survival rates approach 100%. Even patients with MBT with intraepithelial carcinoma have an overall survival rate of 95%-100%. In patient with MBT with microinvasion, the recurrence rate is 5% and the overall survival rate is > 95%. Rare cases of death attributable to the tumor have been reported with advanced stages.

The image shows mucinous borderline tumor, intestinal type, lined by columnar cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm, stratified atypical nuclei, and occasional mitotic figures. Intestinal subtype makes up almost 85% of mucinous borderline tumors of the ovary.

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