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Metastatic Tumors in Testis : Microscopic

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Microscopic Features: The microscopic appearance of metastases is similar to that of the primary tumor. The growth pattern may be interstitial (in between the seminiferous tubules; 40% of cases), destructive infiltration (26%), or discrete nodules (21%).

Involvement of rete testis can occur with metastasis from kidney, bladder, or prostate cancers and may be confused with primary carcinoma of rete testis.

Intratubular growth (a common feature of primary testicular cancers) can frequently be seen with lymphomas and carcinomas of prostate, kidney, and bladder.

This photomicrograph shows metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma in the testis. The tumor cells surround atrophic seminiferous tubules and do not form any discernible acini. Note the prominent nucleoli.

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