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Mixed Germ Cell Tumor : Intro

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Introduction: Mixed germ cell tumors (GCT), by definition, contain more than one germ cell component. They account for one-third of all GCTs and about 70% of all non-seminomatous GCTs. The most frequent combinations are embryonal carcinoma with seminoma, teratoma, or yolk sac tumor. However, any combination can be seen. Tumors often contain more than two components.

Seminoma with syncytiotrophoblast cells is not a mixed GCT and is classified as a seminoma even though it contains more than one component, because it's biologic behavior is similar to seminoma.

This orchiectomy specimen from a 30 y/o male shows a mixed germ cell tumor. It is a heterogenous, multinodular solid tumor with foci of hemorrhage and necrosis. The components were embryonal carcinoma (about 80%), seminoma (10%), and teratoma (10%).

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