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NK/T-cell Lymphoma : Treatment & Prognosis

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PROGNOSIS: NK/T-cell lymphomas, nasal type, usually present with localized disease and at least initially respond well to radiation and chemotherapy. However, relapses are seen in almost 50% of cases. The 5-yr survival rate is reported to be between 40% and 80%. For patients who present with Stage III or IV disease, the 5-yr survival is only about 10%. NK/T-cell lymphomas, extranasal type, are highly aggressive and usually present at advanced stages. The response to chemotherapy is poor. The median survival is only 4-5 months and less than 10% are alive in 5 years.

This image is from a case of recurrent NK/T-cell lymphoma in a young male. It shows an ulcer with a thick crust of necrotic tissue. The patient had received radiation and chemotherapy several months prior for an obstructing nasal mass that was diagnosed as NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type. The tumor recurred as multiple ulcerating nodular skin lesions on his lower abdominal wall and inguinal region. Immunostains for CD2, CD56, and TIA-1 were positive.

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