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NK/T-cell Lymphoma

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NK/T-cell lymphoma is composed of small, medium-sized, or large tumor cells which are admixed with apoptotic bodies and inflammatory cells. The small lymphoma cells have hyperchromatic nuclei with irregular indentations and folds, inconspicuous nucleoli, and a narrow rim of cytoplasm. The atypia is sometimes minimal and they resemble normal small lymphocytes. The medium-sized cells have irregularly-shaped or angulated nuclei, granular chromatin, punctate nucleoli, and moderate amount of pale or clear cytoplasm. The large tumor cells have round or angulated nuclei, vesicular chromatin, prominent nucleoli, and moderate amount of cytoplasm. Mitotic activity is increased.

This example of NK/T-cell lymphoma is composed predominantly of large tumor cells. There is abundant karyorrhectic debris in the background.

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