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Mantle Cell Lymphoma : CD20

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Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is a mature B-cell neoplasm that expresses B-cell markers CD19, CD20 (shown here), CD22, and CD79a. Surface immunoglobulins (usually IgM and IgD) are expressed with light chain restriction (lambda more commonly than kappa). It is CD5+ and CD23- which helps to separate it from CLL/SLL which is positive for both CD5 and CD23. However, there are bona fide cases of MCL which are CD5- or CD23+ve. MCLs are also positive for CD43, FMC-7, and bcl-2. The markers associated with follicular center cells and follicular lymphomas such as CD10 and bcl-6 are usually negative. MUM-1 associated with plasma cell differentiation is negative. Cyclin D1 overexpression is a constant and a highly specific finding in MCLs (Slide 36). Image copyright: pathorama.ch

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