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Adenocarcinoma of Lung : Definition

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Adenocarcinomas of the lung are malignant epithelial tumors that show glandular differentiation, mucin production, or expression of pneumocyte markers (TTF1, Napsin-A).

Most invasive adenocarcinomas are usually gray-white nodules with spicules of black anthracotic pigment. The usual location is peripheral and the overlying pleura may be puckered. The tumor boundaries may be ill-defined grossly due to the lepidic component which spreads into the surrounding lung parenchyma.

In rare cases, cells from a peripherally located adenocarcinoma may gain access to the pleural cavity and spread diffusely along the pleural surfaces grossly simulating a malignant mesothelioma (pseudomesotheliomatous carcinoma). Image copyright:

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